Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend

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Superior Blend A&B is a unique blend suitable for both the vegetative & bloom phases of growth making it perfect for systems with various crops growing simultaneously.  This quality nutrient contains clean macro, secondary and ch-elated trace elements for guaranteed results.   The stuff just works!

Up to 7 times cheaper than liquid nutrient with guaranteed results.  Available in 550g pre-packs, 4kg bulk and 10kg bulk packs.


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Superior Blend Powdered
Hydroponic Nutrient

Amazing Value

Up to 7 times cheaper than liquid nutrient | Our price $5.09 p/litre of concentrate (other price $29.00 p/litre) | Combined Grow & Bloom | Full spectrum macro and micro nutrient | Derived from clean mineral salts | See reviews

Guaranteed results

Used by commercial growers for over 30 years | See the results | Tried & tested | Grow various plants at various growth phases together with one nutrient | 30 day money back guarantee | 6.3 PH balance

Quality Service

Dedicated Australian support | 30 day money back guarantee | Free phone support and assistance

Hydroponic Nutrient FAQ's

There is much conjecture about the nature of hydroponic nutrients and their safety in comparison to ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ soil.    See this article for detailed info.  

The artical concludes that:
a) Hydroponic nutrients are derived from the same base materials that conventional soil based nutrients are made 
b) There is no evidence to support that plants grown with hydroponic mineral salts are detrimental to human health in any way.   This evidence is based on multi-decades of analysis and use worldwide.   

All plants need fertilizer to grow.  In traditional gardening plants receive nutrient from the soil which is enriched with minerals and organic additives which may include manure & compost.   These soil additives can be very effective, but as with many ‘organic’ products, there is the potential for large disparity in the actual contents. 

Nutients can be categorized as follows: 

1) Macronutrients.  Plants need these in large amounts.   This includes: Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oyxgen, Phosphorus, Calcium.  
2) Micronutrinets.   Plats need these in small amounts>
This includes: Zinc, copper, iron, manganese, boron, cholorine, nickel, molybdenum, nickel.

Standard hydroponic nutrients are derived from mineral salts.  Hydroponic nutrients are simply plant nutrients that are designed for use in a hydroponic system. Plants require 16 elements to grow. Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen are already available in the air and water that they are receiving.

Mr Stacky Hydroponic Farming

Mr Stacky Australia farms use Superior Blend Part A & B Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient

How to mix the 4KG Blend
for reservoirs

How to mix the 4KG Blend for Fertilizer Injectors


The stuff just works
  • Recommended dose rates:
    -5ml p/litre water = EC1.7
    -6ml p/litre of water = EC2.5
    -PH 6.3

  • Solution Analysis
    -NPK 24-6-31
    -Calcium 21.4
    -Nitrogen 24.35
    -Potassium 31.00
    -Phosphorus 6.20
    -Magnesium 9.01
    -Sulphur 8.60
    -Boron 0.009
    -Copper 0.005
    -Iron 0.2
    -Manganese 0.009
    -Zinc 0.02

Powdered Hydroponic Nutrients Explained

We’ve trialed dozens of nutrients and found the best results from Superior Blend A&B.   This section provides a guide on how to use these simple and extremely effective nutrients.

Buying powdered hydroponic nutrients instead of pre-mixed liquid nutrients can easily save you between 5 to 10 times the cost and sometimes with better results!   Most hydroponic nutrient companies are simply charging you a massive premium for liquid nutrient.  It’s the biggest trick going in the hydroponic game.  When you buy hydroponic nutrient in powder form your buying the same mixture of mineral salts that went into the liquid nutrient, just at a much better price, and with reduced shipping costs.   Why ship water?  Doesn’t make sense.

Nutrient Basics:
Plants need large amounts of 3 macro-nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). The NPK numbers you see on a manure or fertilizer bag (like 30-10-30) are simply telling you at what ratio these three macro-nutrients are mixed in that bag of fertilizer.  Hydroponic nutrients contain these nutrients as well as all the other trace nutrients typically found in good quality soil.   The nutrients are in a readily absorbed form, delivered right to the roots.   That’s why hydroponic growing works so well.

Plants also need micro-nutrients (minute traces of other elements) in order to thrive, just like you do. The nutrient solutions you buy for your hydroponic garden are different from ordinary plant fertilizers. They include all the trace elements such as magnesium, iron, boron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, copper, cobalt, chlorine, selenium and silicon.


Why Hydroponic?
Plants don’t need soil to grow, they need the nutrients contained in the soil!  By simply adding plant food to the water we can grow plants in inert growing medium like coco peat, hydroton or perlite to provide the most optimal conditions for incredible yields.  In a soil-based garden, a plant wastes alot of energy developing root systems in search of nutrient and water.  With hydroponics, nutrient is delivered straight to the root in all the right quantities at the right times allowing the plant to reach it’s full genetic potential.   The root systems of hydroponic plants are much smaller, so you can plant them closer together and harvest better yield in less space.

Why is it in 2 parts?
Hydroponic nutrients are split so that the phosphorus component (Part A) and the calcium component (Part B) are seperated.   This is to inhibit nutrient ‘lock-out’ which can occur when these 2 parts react with eachother.  The 2 parts are split as follows:

Superior Blend Part A:
-Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Molybdenum, Manganese, Zinc

Superior Blend Part B:
-Calcium, Iron

Is it Healthy?
Yes!  Growing hydroponically is perfectly natural & healthy.   Hydroponic nutrients are made form mineral salts.   Instead of the plant searching for these same 17 nutrients and elements within the soil, we simply provide them directly to the roots enabling the plant to achieve it’s full genetic potential.   This means stronger plants, faster growth, larger yields and yes, more nutrient dense food!


Bulk 10kg PartA&B, Bulk 4kg PartA&B, Pre-Pack 550g PartA&B

19 reviews for Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend

    October 20, 2020
    Veggies are very happy so I am very happy - Recommended!!!
    0 0
    Wayne Robbins
    October 15, 2020
    Excellent product, more economical than buying pre mixed liquid nutrients. My crops suffered no bad effects from changing over to Mr Stacky's nutrient mix and have continued to crop well. Thanks.
    0 0
    Sandra H
    October 3, 2020
    Glad to have extra on hand now the weather is warming up and the plants will be "drinking" more. Good product.
    0 0
    Andrew Rosenzweig
    September 16, 2020
    The products are great getting fantastic results.

    0 0
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Natalie Thomson
    September 1, 2020
    Have set it up and waiting for it to grow! Very happy with the service and delivery. Looking forward to learning more about hydroponics and growing different types of herbs and veggies.
    0 0
    July 13, 2020
    Great value considering you are not paying for water..easy to mix and the plants love it!
    0 0
    Chickens love Mr Stacky
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Steven Mitchell
    July 11, 2020
    We used to grow our vegies in the dirt. The Stacky system has increased our yield five fold and greatly diminished the pests and weeds we are seeing. We have had success growing a wide variety of vegies. The system is efficient and so easy to set up and maintain compared to traditional raised beds. We have converted our old raised beds to only larger plants and this has increased our yield of cabbages, Broccoli, corn, potatoes etc as well. We put 20 towers in our Greenhouse and 13 outside. In Stacky we have found lettuce, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach etc to work particularly well. One of the best investments we have made.
    0 0
    Xylem & Phloem very Happy :)
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    July 11, 2020
    This produduct is what it states Superiour.Higjly recommend. The A & B Superior lend is awesome I will only use Steve.Thanks.
    0 0
    July 10, 2020
    Have the largest cherry tomato ever seen(single seedling) in a 60 litre hydroponic box and has been producing fruit for weeks with many more I
    . I used the granules A and B in what looks like lemonade bottles , very happy chappy
    1 0
    Julie Nielsen
    July 10, 2020
    I love all the Mr Stacky products. Unfortunately the customer service is a bit inconsistent.
    0 0
    Cat Kemble
    July 10, 2020
    Great product! Never before have I picked lettuce straight from garden to my mouth - it is so clean grown in Mr Stacky, & so tasty with the nutrients, that I can't resist!
    0 0
    Matt Dillon
    July 10, 2020
    Great quality, must get.
    0 0
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    April 1, 2020
    G'day guy.
    I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. My leafy green are growing strong and fast. Super happy with with nutrients. Will definitely be buying again when I run out.
    Awesome customer service to go with the product. The team is very helpful and fast to reply.
    1 0
    February 6, 2020
    Absolutelly awesome!!! as a hydroponic grower and now a user of Mr Stacky Verticle gardens intergrated into my system i find this nutrient amazing, its has a long life through the entire system with absolutelly outstanding results from start to finish. I highly reccomend this nutrient!
    0 0
    February 5, 2020
    G'Day Guys

    Firstly i'd like to say the super nutrients you sent me is bloody amazing. my leafy green are growing fast and so is my chillie and toms. i have been told by a few people that when my toms are starting to fruit i should change my nutrients to a different NPK ratio with less N and more of the other one, ( i forget which one i was told to increase). any way you guys nailed it on the super nutrients so i thought id ask you which one you would recommend and if you guys sell it.

    0 0
    January 18, 2020
    Kim Ware ( Canberra )
    I started with the small pack, went to the 5Kg pack and next time will order the super massive size. Easy to undersatnd instructions, the colour differentiation is great and most of all the plants go gangbusters on it. I rate this product a gazillion stars
    0 0
    Neal McEwin
    January 17, 2020
    Hi Guys,
    Received my order in WA in a very timely manner ... impressed! Only used the product for a few day but have seen an instant change in the condition of the plants I am growing indoors. Again impressed! If successful in my plans and the product continues to impress I will purchase in larger quantities. Like to offer a suggestion, if you have bought the basic amount (which i did), perhaps offer to customers a "recharge kit" which drops off the bottles which will significantly reduce package size and save time money and effort for everybody...... just a thought!

    Very happy with my experience!


    0 0
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    Powdered Hydroponic Nutrient A & B Superior Blend photo review
    January 17, 2020
    I have been using superior blend since buying my 2 mr stacky hydroponics kits.I am very pleased with the results as the same nutrient mix supports the vegetive growth and the flowering and fruiting stage making the whole system extremely user friendly and a pleasure to work with.when i compared other nutrients kits none could match the performance for the price and ease of use .
    0 0
    Bob Newey
    December 17, 2019
    I would like to say that I have been using your powdered nutrients for 2 or 3 months and would like to say that I have had greater results than any other branded nutrients that I have used in the past.

    Not only are they very good value, but the strength and usage goes a long way, I love the colour when both are mixed and when added to the water base the colour remains a nice pale blue shade.

    Not that colour has anything to do with results but the final result is having the A and B mixture for both growth and bloom stages in my mixed hydroponic methods, has worked exceptionally well.

    With our extreme heat wave this year it has been a tight balance keeping my nutrient mix cool by adding ice bottles to my reservoirs in all my systems , eg DWC, NFT and drip systems as I am growing outside under eaves and shade cloth.
    Once again thank you for supplying a wonderful product that I will continue to use into the future.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family .
    Kind Regards
    Bob Newey
    0 0
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