Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden


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Recirculating and water saving this system uses 1 pump to feed 3 tower gardens.   Simply top up the reservoirs once per week and grow 60+ large plants in an area less than 3 meters.  Built to last with food grade UV treated materials, choose between hydroponic or organic and electric or solar powered.  Full instructions included.  


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Supercharge your garden

Quality Design

Perfect for Balconies | 3 Large Integrated Recirculating Reservoirs | Solar or Electric | Large Modular Design | UV Treated Food Grade Polypropelene | Water & Space Saving

Quality REsults

Hydroponics Simplified | Simply Refill Every 2 Weeks | Large Growing Area | Works Outdoors or Indoors | Includes Quality Nutrient & Organic Coco Coir | 30 day money back guarantee

Quality Service

1 Year Warranty on Functional Parts | AU Customer Discounts | Free Phone & Email Support | Facebook & Instagram Community | Online Growers Resources & Success Stories

Smart Farm Hydroponic Tower Garden FAQ

This simple form of hydroponics solves under & over watering.   Modular stacking planters are filled with coco coir & perlite, than connected vertically through a center pole connected to an electric or solar pump which sits inside a 60 litre reservoir.    Nutrient is added to the water reservoir which is automaticaly pumped to the top layer and filtered down through each layer (instructions provided).   Because the coco coir is so porous you basically cannot over water your garden (assuming it’s getting good sun).

Plants don’t need soil to grow, they need the nutrients contained in the soil!  With hydroponics, we simply add nutrients to the water with the plant growing in an inert growing medium such as coco coir & perlite.  

When nutrients are delivered straight to the root system the plant spends less time in search of nutrition, and more time producing foilage and fruit.  

There are many different hydroponic methods.   Mr Stacky tower gardens use a simple drip method and coco coir making it perfect for beginner growers.   Coco coir is like soil, only way better!   See why

No.   Aeroponic towers have a hollow center where the roots are suspended in air and water is continously misted on the roots internally.   

Aeroponic towers are great, but they’re very expensive (like 3 x the price!) and they are fraught with danger.   If your pump dies, your plants are dead in about 3 hours flat.  The micro drippers can clog easily and the tower is very susceptable to temperature issues.   (ie. spraying hot water on plants roots is not a good idea).  That’s why you tend to see aeroponics grown mostly indoors.    

Comparitvely, the Smart Farm is simpler and more forgiving.  The coco coir retains the right amount of moisture and provides many buffers against temperature variances, hydration variances, PH, water quality & related factors.   Because it works very similar to soil, it’s more accessible for the everyday home user.   You don’t need to be an expert to get incredible results. 

EC stands for Electrical Conductivty and is the measure of salt in a solution.   Because hydroponic nutrient is derived from mineral salts, it’s an accurate way to measure the exact quantity of nutrient. If you follow the recommended dose rates that come with your system, you don’t necessarily need an EC tester, however most will purchase one so they can be assured they are providing adquate nutrient levels. 

The Smart Farms come with 2 power options.  Electic or solar.

The electric kits come with a 24 hour timer in 15 minute increments.   Remember, so long as you’re getting good sun, you can’t really over water the tower garden.  Falling water creates oxygen in the reservoir, which the plants love.   So configure your timer to ON for about 4 hours per day for best results.   Most will configure the timer in 30 min on / 30 min off from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, then off at night.     

For the solar option, no timer is needed as the system will simply turn on when it’s sunny.   

The pump comes with a 5 meter cord so you can maximize sun exposure to the panel.    The pump is strong enough to push the water above 2 meters high and as the system stands only 1.5m high, there is sufficient power remaining to circulate the water even in low light conditions therefore no backup battery is needed.   

During rainy periods, the rain will keep the garden wet for you!   If your system is under-cover and won’t get rained on, you may be better off to go with electric.   (Battery back-ups are being tested now, but won’t be ready until late 2020).  

The rain will dilute the nutrient levels, but this is usually not a big deal, in fact the plants love the rain.  Some customers decide to purhase a heavy duty plant trolley to wheel the garden where desired.   

Algae forms when water and sunlight meet.   Don’t worry too much about a small amount of Algae, but if you want to stop it just put some pebbles or mulch on the top layer… Once the top of the layers are dark, the Algae will be reduced. 

Grow anything from herbs, lettuce, strawberries & greens to full blown fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini even tubers such as potatoes, carrots and beet root!   

Here’s some inspiration 🙂 :

Beet Root |  Lettuce | Spinach | Kale | Capsicum | Tomato 

Cucumber Celery | Beans | Herbs | Strawberries | Carrot 

Swiss Chard | Pumpkin | Bok Choi Chillies Snow Peas 


You get the picture right!   🙂   You can pretty much grow anything.   Just ensure you’re providing enough sun…

Watch the above video for a detailed guide:
1) Expand the coco and then fill each planter with coco
2) Connect the solar or electric pump
3) Slide lid over center pole & stack up the planters
4) Open drain, and flush the coco with water
5) Close the drain, and fill with 60 litres of water
6) Configure timer (electric), or put panel in the sun (solar)
7) Add nutrient to the water every 2 weeks
*Step by step instructions come with the system   

The Smart Farm comes with quality hydroponic nutrient that is in 2 parts (A & B).   This nutrient is designed to grow various plants in all stages of growth.   So you don’t need to mess around with different ‘grow’ vs ‘bloom’ blends and complicated additives like some other systems.  

To use, simply fill the 1.25 litre bottles that come with the system with water, shake well, then once dissolved, add it to the reservoir at a rate of 5ml nutrient per litre of water for both parts A & B.   As the reservoir is 60 litres, you therefore can add 300ml of each.  This will last 2 weeks before you need to replace it in the tank.   
*Note: Less is more with this stuff as it’s powerful!   So half this dosage for seedlings

See this short video on how to use it.

Coco Coir is organic & made from the husk of the coconut.    Coco has exceptional water retention, oxygen holding and anti-fungal properties.  The compressed blocks expand 7 to 8 times in water and even when fully saturated, hold 22% air.   Coco has a PH range between 6 – 6.8 making it simply THE BEST hydroponic growing medium available.

Yes!  You’d be surprised what percentage of store bought produce is now grown hydroponically. 

Hydroponic nutrients are made form mineral salts.  These are the same 17 nutrients & elements found in the soil you buy from a nursery, the difference is they’re in a highly available form which plants utilize much faster.

Instead of the plants roots spreading out in search of nutrition, they are provided just the right amounts directly, which means smaller root systems and faster, more robust, nutrient dense growth allowing the plant to reach it’s full enetic potential.   

If you have your system in full sun and the temperature is 20 degrees celcius or more during the day, then let the pump run a good 4 hours p/day!   You may think you’re over-watering, but the coco/perlite mix retains plenty oxygen even when fully saturated.   If it’s cold or your not giving it full sun, then yes dial back the watering regime to approx 15-30 min per day.   

Under low light conditions, you’ll want to add an inexpensive air pump in the reservoir to ensure the water is oxyginated as it’s flowing less.  This safeguards against issues relating to still water.   

In actual fact the tower only truly needs about 2 minutes per day to hydrate fully, but you can’t really over water it (unless it’s very cold and/or very low sunlight).

No, with Mr Stacky it’s really simple!   To make it easy, we’re really just adding nutrient to the water and then watering your plants with it.  The coco coir is very ‘forgiving’ and is an excellent buffer against under or over watering.   As everything is automated, it takes all the guessing out and saves your plants from your unintentional neglect! 

Perlite is mined volcanic glass that is inert and has excellent airation qualities.   It’s commonly added to soil to asssit with absorption and aeration.  While it’s not 100% necessary (ie. the coco coir does a great job on it’s on), we do provide it at an 80/20 ratio (coco / perlite) as we find this ensures optimal results.   

Flushing the system every 2 weeks is a standard practice in hydroponic growing.   Over time, a build up of nutrient can increase PH and EC in the water which is detrimental to plants.  Basically, clean fresh water is clean water, so flushing a system every 2 weeks is standard.    In the case of the smart farm, once the plants are established, it’s likely they’ll actually suck up 30 to 40 litres p/week anyway, in which case you’d simply top up with water mid-way before flushing and adding clean nutrient every 2 weeks

Grow anything from herbs, lettuce, strawberries & greens to full blown fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini even tubers such as potatoes, carrots and beet root!   

Here’s some inspiration 🙂 :
Beet Root |  Lettuce | Spinach | Kale | Capsicum | Tomato 

Cucumber Celery | Beans | Herbs | Strawberries | Carrot 

Swiss Chard | Pumpkin |

You get the picture right!   🙂   You can pretty much grow anything.   Just ensure you’re providing enough sun…

Yes certainly.   The stacking planters in the 5 tier sets are exactly the same as the hydroponic kits.   So you can buy a small 5 tier set and see how it works, then once you’re happy scale up to a larger set-up if desired…

Yes.   Food Safe Polypropylene #5. Like what yogurt containers are made of except we use a lot more of it.

This all depends on what you want to grow.   The 33cm width pots have a capacity of 5 litres each which is suitable for lettuces, herbs, spinach, beetroot, flowers and plants with smaller root systems.   The 45cm width pots have a large 15 litres capacity each.  This is ample space to grow all kinds of fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and even pumpkin or watermelon if you really want! 

Yes, and many customers do.   Make sure you use good quality well draining potting mix.   Great news is Mr Stacky is modular, so you can start small and build a self sustainable garden over time.   

While the poles are not 100% necessary, Mr Stacky planter sets come with a center pole which adds stability and allows you to move the garden from above as the pole extends above the planter.  Other stacking planters do not provide this.   This also allows you to convert your 5 tier kit into a hydroponic tower kit if you want. 

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15 Days Growth in Smart Farm

25 Days Growth in Smart Farm

50 Days Growth in Smart Farm

How to use the Nutrient

Optional Heavy Duty Trolley

How to Drain the Smart Farm

You want to grow real food from home....



Designed for everyday Australians, give your backyard a unique, living display that looks great and actually feeds you & your family.

If you get good sun, you’ll surprise yourself with the results.  It’s easier than you think.

At Mr Stacky, we’re helping empower Aussies, one tower at a time… Or 3 in this case 😉

We’ll get you growing quickly with fast delivery from Gold Coast, Australia

Why a Mr Stacky Smart Farm?

medium stone
Top Quality
  • Strong, durable and UV treated
  • Won’t crack or fade in the sun
  • Tried & tested worldwide
  • Large & prolific plant growth
  • Space saving modular design
  • Quality parts & accessories
Mr Stacky Hydroponic Smart Farm
Beginner Friendly
  • Set & forget automated watering
  • Coco coir is simple to use
  • Can be used in various climates
  • Easy set-up and maintainance
  • Grows a wide variety of veggies
  • Comes with full instructions
smart farm - herbs2 - resized
Amazing Value
  • Comes with everything in 1 kit
  • 60 large plants in a small space
  • Soooo cost effective, it’s crazy
  • Unique living backyard display
  • Comes with nutrients
  • Includes warranty on parts

Black, Terracotta, Stone


Electric, Solar

Nutrient Type

Hydroponic, Organic

21 reviews for Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden

    April 22, 2022
    it works as promised, just harvested our first lettuce yesterday
    0 0
    August 5, 2021
    I bought the 3 tower smart farm. I thought it looked pretty fool proof for a first time gardener. I was right! It was simple to set up and has been easy to maintain. The veggies have gone crazy! We've had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, broccoli, spring onion, snow peas and lettuce so far.
    The only problem I've had so far is that my towers fell over during a recent massive storm with gale force winds. I was devastated to say the least! I put everything back together and surprisingly didn't lose any of my established plants! The tower I had planted seedlings and seeds a few days before was pretty messed up - I repotted all the coco peat and now a few weeks later I have random plants popping up all over the place :) I call it my pot luck tower!! Needless to say I love my stackys and I love eating fresh out of my own garden.
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    hannah pickford
    August 2, 2021
    Great product and service making amazing leaps in self sufficiency and reducing our stamp on the earth in general. Love that I can now order organic nutrients, complete one stop shop for everything that you need. Had a small issue with the pump to start with but received help and a solution within a week. 6weeks in and I am so glad I took the leap and bought the 3 tower solar package. Planted seedlings in winter in Brisbane and 6 weeks later have kale, silverbeet, sage, radishes, spinach, rocket, mint available to eat in abundance. Beetroot, zucchini, tomatoes, beans and peas nearly ready for harvest plus much much more!
    0 0
    May 23, 2021
    Very happy with the quality of the product, all the parts came as promised. I would say make sure if purchase the trolleys as well to make them easy to move around! Excited to eat my first harvest
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Mr Robert Hodge
    May 5, 2021
    Very Happy with these products, we have never experienced plants growing so quickly.
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    March 2, 2021
    Plants were planted on 4/1/2021 and they have no never looked back. Unable to add more to this message will send you more. This has allowed me to continue gardening. Excellent product. Thank you very much. Regards Jim Mcilveen
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Oliver and Suna Hess
    February 5, 2021
    Great setup, couldnt find info on how much nutrient to put in 3 tier stack but all else has been good, love it
    0 0
    January 9, 2021
    Fantastic 3-tower setup. Very easy to set up and use. Growing from seed has never been easier.
    0 0
    Mark Taylor
    November 16, 2020
    Very happy with my 3 tower system. Easy to set up and get going. The salad veggies I planted a couple of weeks ago are doing well. Picked my first strawberry yesterday and tasted great!
    0 0
    2weeks from seed
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    November 15, 2020
    Had seed i for two weeks and seeing great results. Love this system and super excited for harvest time
    0 0
    Oliver Boudib
    November 15, 2020
    So far so good, nice growth and great service
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    November 2, 2020
    Wow. Just amazed how well they work. Already have flowers on my thai chilli. Looking forward to drying chillies and herbs. Should be able to make some nice oils and sauces. My garden tomatoes are just taking off now so fingers crossed lots of tomatoes for sauce.
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Marg West
    October 22, 2020
    So far I love my Mr Stacky hydroponic towers . I’m planted out and watching my veggies and strawberries grow.
    No longer do I weed, I don’t have to lift heavy bags of manure and compost and dig into a bed. This exactly suits my busy lifestyle.
    It’s low maintenance, space saving and efficient. All I could do with are more as it’s very addictive .
    Thanks for your product .
    0 0
    Sandra H
    October 3, 2020
    Initially bought the 5 tier vertical garden for a friend and was so impressed. I then ventured out and bought the solar powered smart farm 3 tower for myself. Easy to set up and very good looking on the back veranda. One small component was missing and a phone call resulted in the component being sent out straight away. Who can ask for better service? Thank you Mr Stacky. Looking forward to a good veggie yield this season.
    0 0
    Smart tower
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    Saroeun Sandison
    September 17, 2020
    Very happy with the product. The growth has been fantastic. I love how low maintenance it is. I brought this for my strawberries. I love it so much I brought another one. I don’t have enough strawberries to fill the second one yet so I planted other veggies instead. The results have been great. I planted beans in the smart tower after I planted the ones in the self watering pot. The beans in the smart tower have grown bigger in a shorter time. I will be harvesting beans from the smart tower first. Can’t wait for my strawberries to be in full production. If I found room to fit one more in I will get another one.
    0 0
    David Merritt
    September 1, 2020
    I am very happy with Mr Stacky. I have a small urban garden and my raised garden beds keep getting invaded by neighbours' trees roots that suck out nutrient and moisture. A hydroponics set-up gets around that problem: it doesn't take up much room and should provide fast reliable vegetables all year round. I have only had my 3-stand set-up for a few weeks and I am planning to extend it already. Easy to set up and lots of useful videos online.
    0 0
    3 tower smart farm garden
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    3 tower smart farm garden
    August 26, 2020
    We added this system to connect to our existing single tower. Set up was easy to follow and we've just planted our first bunch of seedlings. Can't wait until we can start harvesting.
    0 0
    solar powered hydroponic 3 tower garden system mr stacky
    August 25, 2020
    So far the system (smart farm 3 tower hydroponic garden, solar variant) has worked wonderfully and I'm very impressed with the setup in general.

    I'm testing out 7 year old seed (in photo) from my seed bank and so far it has helped about 80% of what I have sown germinate, which is a better outcome then I thought I would get since I didn't initially store those seeds properly to begin with.

    Thanks for a great product!
    0 0
    Smart Farm 3 Tower Hydroponic Garden photo review
    July 15, 2020
    PS included a pic below. 2 weeks growth in shaded area, but loving having my garden outside my front door :)
    1 0
    July 3, 2020
    Very happy with this purchase looks just like the photos and instructions were easy to follow. That nutrient is amazing value and is working great. My plants are all very happy so far. I planted one tower from seed than the other 2 with seedlings from Bunnings. Great value produce 5 stars from the Mitchell family.
    0 0
    Lance Williams
    January 29, 2020
    Very excited to get things growing in our new solar 3 stack system. Was easy to setup and seems to be running well even under a cloudy sky. This virgin growing family is all set and ready to grow and feed on some good ol home grown.
    1 0
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