Gardening Tips

How to – Growing From Seed in Mr Stacky Systems

Sure, Mr. Stacky systems work very well with any regular seedlings purchased from your local nursery or hardware store,  but ...
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beautiful mint from the vertical planter

Growing Herbs in Pots (The Easy Way!)

OK, so you're thinking bout growing herbs in pots!  Kitchen, window sil, outdoor patio, courtyard, balcony... herbs are all the rage ...
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Friendly team harvesting fresh vegetables from the rooftop greenhouse garden and planning harvest season

What is Urban Farming?

The Latest Trends in How Urban Food is Grown You've seen the buzzword, but what is urban farming and how ...
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Easy Herb Garden Ideas

If you want fresh herbs all year from your backyard, good news is it's super easy.   Here are some easy ...
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Squash Bugs

Living with insects is part of gardening. There are good bugs and there are pests. Knowing how to control the ...
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Is My Plant Dying?

Do you have a plant that is dying in your garden? Figuring out plant problems can really be frustrating and ...
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How to make frozen herb cubes

I remember seeing some herb cube ideas on the Internet a summer or two ago and developed a simple way ...
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Growing a Hanging Garden

Do you like the idea of having plants cascading down from the ceiling in a lovely hanging herb garden?   Well, ...
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wintermoth caterpillar eating my rocket

Caterpillars eating my rocket

How do I stop caterpillars from eating my rocket? Caterpillars are the larvae of moths and butterflies and are voracious ...
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Lettuce Troubleshooting

My lettuce is growing upwards rather than outwards, what does this mean? Sounds like your lettuce is 'bolting' (running to ...
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Photosynthesis is a process used by plants to convert light energy captured from the sun into chemical energy. Basically, in ...
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