Hydroponic Conversion Kit


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For those with a 5-tier Mr Stacky, upgrade to a recirculating Smart Farm Hydroponic Tower with the ‘single smart farm upgrade’ option below.   

For those with a Single Smart Farm Tower Garden, upgrade to a 3 Tower Smart Farm with the ‘3 tower smart farm upgrade’ option below. 



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Smart Conversion Kit comes with:

  • Operate a Large 20 Plant Hydroponic Tower Garden in a 50 x 50 cm food print
  • Fully automated watering (timer & accessories included)
  • Recirculating system saves 85% water compared to traditional gardening
  • Free standing and portable so you can maximize sun exposure
  • Mr Stacky custom 60 litre reservoir base & lid
  • 2 month supply of premium quality powdered hydroponic grow nutrient
  • Electric submersible water pump – 2000 L/H – 2 meter head height (includes a 2 year warranty)
  • Large 5kg block of quality coco coir growing medium (expands to 70 liters)
  • 250g perlite growing medium (to add to coco coir for extra aeration)
  • PVC tubing center pole and fittings
  • Quad drip line distribution head and fittings
  • Electric digital timer (short interval multi-settings)
  • Instruction guide & on-line support
  • Reservoir base dimensions 49cm x 49cm x 49cm 

How to use your hydroponic conversion kit with Mr Stacky planters:

  • Simply fill up the 60 litre reservoir with clean water.  (Rain water is best if you have it!)
  • Add the nutrient to the water
  • Expand the coco peat in a bucket of water (see below video)
  • Snap in the PVC tubing and fittings (all included)
  • Fill up each pot with the coco peat then stack up your Mr. Stacky planters
  • Plant your seeds or seedlings
  • Set timer and plug it in (electric) or simply connect the panel and put it in the sun (solar) 
  • Detailed set-up and grow guide included
  • Yes It’s That Easy!



3 Tower Smart Farm Upgrade, Single Smart Farm Upgrade


Electric, Solar

3 reviews for Hydroponic Conversion Kit

    October 30, 2021
    Upgraded to the solar system, I don't have to worry about watering now it waters and feeds itself. Easy setup. Would highly recommend.
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    Simon Cox
    June 11, 2021
    Absolutely loving it. Flowers and veggies have never looked so good. So easy to assemble and use. Perfect for our unit balcony.
    0 0
    Julie Smith
    May 21, 2021
    I really love this way to grow my vegetables it's so easy .I have a bad back arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain so digging a garden having to weeding is so very painful. But with the Mr Stacky vertical hydroponic system I can enjoy watching my vegetables grow with out pain and fussing around. Now I can have my own healthy home grown vegetables again.
    Thank you so very much Mr Stacky
    Julie 😁❤
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