Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden


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Raised Gardens Reduce Pests and Disease
The simple 5 tier strawberry planter is perfect for growing strawberries, herbs, lettuces, greens to full blown fruiting crops with 2 size options.  The riser kit’s come with a sturdy 1.5m galvanized metal & PVC centre pole so you can securely raise your garden off the ground.   Choose either hydroponic or organic grow packages for the complete growing kit.



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Raised Gardens Reduce Ground Pests & Disease

Quality Design

Modular with 2 Size Options | Made from UV Treated Food Grade Polypropelene | Strong & Durable | Simple & Effective | Water & Space Saving | Tower Rotates Around Center Pole

Quality REsults

Tend to Your Garden Standing Up | Add the Optional Coco Coir + Nutrient Pack for Simple Hydroponics | 30 day money back guarantee | See the results

Quality Service

Dedicated Australian Support | 1 Year Warranty on Functional Parts | Free Phone & Email Support | Facebook Growing Community | Online Growers Resources

Stacking Planter FAQ's

Grow anything from herbs, lettuce, strawberries & greens to full blown fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini even tubers such as potatoes, carrots and beet root!   

Here’s some inspiration 🙂 :

Beet Root |  Lettuce | Spinach | Kale | Capsicum | Tomato 

Cucumber Celery | Beans | Herbs | Strawberries | Carrot 

Swiss Chard | Pumpkin | Bok Choi Chillies Snow Peas 


You get the picture right!   🙂   You can pretty much grow anything.   Just ensure you’re providing enough sun…

Yes certainly.   The stacking planters in the 5 tier sets are exactly the same as the hydroponic kits.   So you can buy a small 5 tier set and see how it works, then once you’re happy scale up to a larger set-up if desired…

Yes.   Food Safe Polypropylene #5. Like what yogurt containers are made of except we use a lot more of it.

This all depends on what you want to grow.   The 33cm width pots have a capacity of 5 litres each which is suitable for lettuces, herbs, spinach, beetroot, flowers and plants with smaller root systems.   The 45cm width pots have a large 15 litres capacity each.  This is ample space to grow all kinds of fruiting vegetables such as tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and even pumpkin or watermelon if you really want! 

Yes, and many customers do.   Make sure you use good quality well draining potting mix.   Great news is Mr Stacky is modular, so you can start small and build a self sustainable garden over time.   

While the poles are not 100% necessary, Mr Stacky planter sets come with a center pole which adds stability and allows you to move the garden from above as the pole extends above the planter.  Other stacking planters do not provide this.   This also allows you to convert your 5 tier kit into a hydroponic tower kit if you want. 

Simply water the top pot!   Each stacky has drainage holes in the center and outer clovers which disperse water optimally to touch all the root systems on the way down.   This flow through design ensures pooling of water or root rot. 

Yes. Here is a short video

You can select the option in the pricing panel above to include the raised garden kit.   This comes with everything you need.  Alternatively, you can purchase seperately.   You’ll need galvanized metal poling cut to required size, then put 20mm PVC over this, then either 32mm PVC (for medium planters) or 50mm PVC (for large planters) cut to required length.   The planters sit on the riser PVC and the center pole provides stability as hammered into the ground. 

When you see the bottom dripping, this means the above layers are saturated so you want to stop watering before you see drips from the bottom.   As a rule of thumb it’s much better to provide regular small doses of water opposed to less regular longer feeds.  

For example, the DIY systems normally feed 3 times a day for example 9am, 1pm, 5pm at 1 minute intervals.  

As long as you have a support through the middle, you can stack them as high as you want!.     

Some stackable planters on the market use inserts inside each planter designed to hold water in each layer.  This is not good practice!  Pooling water promotes disease such as root rot.   Mr Stacky planters are FREE FLOWING.   Free flowing water is essential for transfer of nutrient and oxygen to the root zone and we do not recommend inserts. 

Yes.  See these DIY Towers or the 3 Tower Smart Farms for a simple guide.   Anyone can do this.


The 5 Tier Mr Stacky is an attractive and space saving vertical garden for urban spaces.   Grow 20 plants in a tower making an attractive living display.    Just water the top pot. 

  • Enjoy fresh vegetables from your backyard
  • Just connect the center pole and stack em up
  • Medium size is perfect for greens, lettuces, herbs, flowers etc
  • Large size is for strawberries, capsicum, tomatoes, brocoli etc 
  • Easily add more pots if desired
  • Convert to a raised tower garden or hydroponic 
  • No more dirt, digging or weeding

Why Choose Mr Stacky?

medium stone
Top Quality
  • Strong, durable and UV treated
  • Won’t crack or fade in the sun
  • Large & prolific plant growth
  • Space saving modular design
  • Quality parts & accessories
Raised strawberry tower vertical gardens by mr stacky
Free Standing & Versatile
  • Modular design
  • No bolting into walls required
  • Configurable in various ways
  • Tend to your garden standing up
  • Grows a wide variety of veggies
  • Tried & Tested 
Amazing Value
  • 20 Plants in any small space
  • Comes with everything needed
  • Start small and scale up
  • Looks nice in your backyard
  • See this detailed review
  • 30 day money back guarantee
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Terracotta, Stone

Pot Size

Large (45cm width), Medium (33cm width)


Raised Garden Kit, Raised Garden+Hydroponic Grow Pack, Raised Garden+Organic Grow Pack, Planter Set

28 reviews for Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden

    May 2, 2022
    Amazing products. It works so well. My plants are growing well. Automated system means i never forget to water. Just brilliant.
    0 0
    April 24, 2022
    Ordered the strawberry tower after having such success with my 3 garden towers. They were growing within a week and flowering their various veges within a month. So easy to maintain.
    0 0
    courtney keatley
    April 23, 2022
    I love mine growing salad greens in mine at the mot
    0 0
    Nadia Oldfield
    November 29, 2021
    Love our new Stacky - used for a mixture of Strawberries, herbs and flowers so very pretty - and some garlic too to keep Mr Possum away! Easy to Assemble, very stable once filled and looks great. Such a space saver - I just need to get the water system fitted now. Great product, quick delivery and simple to use.
    0 0
    Debbie Way
    November 28, 2021
    Bought one of these for my son, who has planted both strawberries & lettuce / herbs. Perfect for gardeners of all skill level, looks great easy to put together & prompt delivery.
    0 0
    Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden photo review
    Johnny G
    August 1, 2021
    Great product
    Easy to assemble
    Space saving
    Just starting and will be expanding into drip system watering set up and will expand further
    Cost adds up on initial set up but after that has been completed will be cost effective
    Will not disappoint
    Strongly recommend, feed back that I receive is amazing
    1 0
    July 29, 2021
    I love my stacking planters! Arrived very quickly & super easy to put together. My planter is already full of strawberry runners & I look forward to having an endless supply of fresh berries very soon. Highly recommend Mr Stacky & I can’t wait to add more planters to my collection
    0 0
    Grow, grow, grow
    Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden photo review
    Peter Mccormack
    July 18, 2021
    The idea is great. So easy to set up.
    Have now planted it all out with strawberries. I’ll see how it goes then expand with a couple more towers.
    Warooka, South Australia
    0 0
    May 24, 2021
    Love it, need to order more
    0 0
    May 5, 2021
    Works well for strawberries and probably herbs. Just need to watch for too much water in the bottom tray.
    Easy to assemble.
    0 0
    Jean WILSON
    April 19, 2021
    Great for herbs and strawberries, near kitchen. Very useful.
    0 0
    Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden photo review
    David Kindon
    April 8, 2021
    Totally happy. Smooth and rapid delivery. Easy to assemble. Already working for me.
    0 0
    April 6, 2021
    Great system, looks great in the yard and very handy for a such a small footprint. Great service too, very prompt. Glad I bought them.
    0 0
    Strawberry Planter – Free Standing Vertical Garden photo review
    December 22, 2020
    Great product. I intended to only buy it to grow strawberries but I’ve already included several other vegetables in it and everything is flourishing. I’m hoping to add a few more planters as well and a drip system for them.
    0 0
    November 16, 2020
    Prompt delivery, easy to setup and plant out. Strawberries are flourishing. Plan to buy another
    0 0
    November 12, 2020
    I rate this system highly, I put one strawberry per tier and while I wait for the runners to spread I’m growing a quick crop of radishes in each of the other lobes. I was blown away over how fast the tower arrived too, I haven’t had an online order come so quickly before. I’d recommend the system that I purchased.
    0 0
    Felicity Lake
    November 8, 2020
    I love my stacking pots! We live in a unit without any space for a garden and I miss gardening a lot, so it helps save space instead of having a bunch of pots everywhere so we can grow more!
    1 0
    November 4, 2020
    Fantastic company, so easy to deal with and super quick delivery. One of the stacks was damaged in delivery, they happily and speedily replaced it. We have just planted and awaiting fruit.
    Highly recommend
    0 0
    July 28, 2020
    A great way to make the most of your space! They are also a fantastic way to keep delicious strawberries away from critters and bush turkeys! I'm planning to add a strip of copper on the bottom of the poles near the ground to ensure that slugs and snails don't visit! Assembly was simple. The trays fit together very well and spinning the tower is easy. I ordered two stone-coloured large 5-tier raised strawberry planters. I was sceptical as to whether the single piece of metal rod would be strong enough to hold so much weight but so far so good! Glad that I decided to order the larger size as it provides plenty of room for the plants to spread out and avoids the potting mix from drying out. Planning to pop mint plants underneath them to make the most of any water dripping through the bottom planter tray.
    1 0
    Karen Booth
    April 13, 2020
    We bought our fist Mr Stacky hydroponic tower in early summer 2019. We couldn't be happier! We had a slight problem with a pump and the service from Mr Stacky was amazing, our replacement pump was shipped out before we had even posted our back!.
    I have added a stocking over the pump inflow just to stop any debris getting in to the pump, but we have had no further issues.
    Unfortunately we didn't have success with strawberries, but put this down to the house sitters as we were away over xmas and we are looking forward to trying again next summer. But our tomatoes, beans, beetroot, spinach and lettuce are amazing!!! Oh and radishes!! We are now thinking of purchasing our second Stacky!. Just remember to fill up the base if you suspect a big wind this ensures it doesn't blow over., and thanks to Mt S for sending out the water gauge, a great improvement.
    Just Keep Stacking!
    Karen B
    0 0
    January 18, 2020
    The 5 tier planter is very water-efficient. Water drips through the system from the top and also gets soaked up from beneath, so I barely have to water my strawberries compared with other pot plants. The system is good for plants that don't need all day sun (like strawberries in summer in Sydney) as part of it will always be shaded by the planter itself throughout the day, so bear this in mind when planting. It's very easy to move, as you just move each level of the stack separately. You can also just use, say, 4 tiers and then add another when you've got more plants. Overall, great value!
    0 0
    Julie-Ann Jennings
    September 22, 2018
    An Excellent and Economical Choice - his planter was simple to assemble. I planted 20 strawberry plants in mine (one per "lobe"). Even when full of soil and plants, it's easy to move -- just take off as many "layers" as you can easily carry, then stack them back together in their new location. Last night we had a frost warning; a regular 13-gal. kitchen plastic trash bag perfectly covered it. I was a little apprehensive about appearance of the "terra-cotta" plastic pots, but it really does look nice. It is much lighter than real pottery, and should be convenient to store over the winter. And, the price is far lower than real-pottery strawberry pots.
    0 0
    September 2, 2018
    5/3/2017 update: I have 3-6 strawberries growing per plant! Unfortunately, my mom's strawberry plants died, though after discussion, we realized she had both been moving it inside/outside with the cold and keeping it in the shade, so both factors may have contributed to their demise. Dad loves the look of it though and they're both excited to have learned from the experience and try again another time. Also my toddler did pull off the top layer once. However, I was able to easily stick the freed dirt/plants back and place and no harm seems to have come from their little adventure.
    0 0
    July 25, 2018
    It's been almost a year since I bought this Mr. Stacky planter and planted it with strawberries. While the height of the 5-unit system makes it a little less stable, it's still been living on my deck since I installed it and it's not been toppled. The berry plants are now putting on new leaves and look very promising for their second year. Watering with this system is much easier than watering one of those ceramic strawberry pots. There has been some soil washing out of the lower cups that will have to be replaced; something to know with permanent planting. If planting annuals, the units can be emptied into the compost bin and nested into each other for space-saving storage until needed again. For vertical gardening on a deck, porch, or balcony, this is an inexpensive and functional system. It could also be used to increase space in a small in-ground garden, though if it's set on the ground a gardener could leave off the bottom saucer and run a stake or piece of rebar down the center hole for added stability.
    2 0
    Ann Long Netzow
    May 12, 2018
    I have strawberries and flowers growing in one tower and herbs and flowers growing in another. They're doing very well which is a challenge in our high altitude.
    0 0
    March 15, 2018
    I bought one for myself and another for my mother along with 2 sets of 20 bare roots Everbearing Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants. Mom and I are both fairly new to gardening, but our plants are flowering and look healthy, and we both love how they look.

    I haven't had any trouble with it falling over even though I have nothing anchoring it. It seems fairly sturdy when well-watered, and we have seen some good winds here since I set it up and my toddler regularly pokes at it.

    I'm really wondering how this will hold up next year, since in my experience a lot of plastic containers will break down and become brittle with the weather. If it holds together well, I'll probably get more next year!
    0 0
    February 15, 2018
    These things are amazing. Lots of space for strawberries. They look good. Sturdy plastic. If you're considering buying these, stop considering and pull the trigger. You won't regret it. We aren't even out of February, and I have some nice looking strawberries popping up.
    Tahnks, Daniel B
    0 0
    December 15, 2017
    We planted this full of strawberries and have picked strawberries already this year. Don't use the bottom tray unless you can remember to empty it every time it rains or you water them. It retains the water that drips down and drowns the plants in the bottom tier.
    Lee Ann Simpson
    2 0
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