Vertical Garden Planters and Systems


How Does it Work?

Simple.   Just plant, stack & enjoy!

“My herbs are thriving
I have some thyme, sage, chives, and dill in my southern facing bow windowsill. I couldn’t be happier with this product.”
Sean P  September 25, 2016


Grow Like the Pros

Unlock commercial quality techniques to grow bigger, faster, healthier produce in your  own backyard

Set-up anywhere

No back breaking labor

No drilling into walls

Automated watering options

Highest yield per square meter

These vertical gardens are packed with features including;

  • Lightweight, strong, UV stabilized and made from 100% food grade polypropelene
  • Free standing & simple to set-up, use and maintain
  • Commercial quality – Used in large scale commercial greenhouses 
  • Space saving – Grow 20 thriving plants in a 35 x 35cm food print
  • Water efficient – Uses up to 85% less water than a garden bed
  • Large root capacity – Grow anything from herbs & lettuce to tomatoes (2 size options)
  • Looks amazing – Your friends and neighbors will want one!
The #1 selling consumer vertical gardening solution in the U.S & Canada is NOW IN AUSTRALIA!
Mr Stacky is the trusted brand for stacking vertical gardens.   With a consistent 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and hundreds of thousands of units sold online and through, Walmart, Home Depot and various nurseries and hydroponic outlets.
The Mr Stacky range of vertical garden systems, are suited to anyone from balcony gardeners, hydroponic enthusiasts, backyard micro-business to full blown commercial farming!

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