Hydroponic Tower Kit – 72 Plant Vertical Garden System


Fully automated, high yielding tower gardens for everyday Australians.  Maximize space and supercharge your garden with a simple to use, unique and attractive display for any backyard.  

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Fully Automated
Never over or under water your plants again!








vertical farm for backyard gardens



How Does it Work?
Simple.   Just plant, stack & enjoy!






Grow Like the Pros

Unlock commercial quality techniques to grow bigger, faster, healthier produce in your  own backyard  




Set-up Anywhere!

In minutes….



Yield more in less space

Easily yield 9x more veggies p/square meter than a standard garden bed 




Enjoy the Ease
No soil born pests & disease and no dirt, digging, weeding or daily watering! 




Your 72 plant Vertical Tower Garden Kit

  • Tower Garden Kit includes 72 plant sites 
  • Configure as 3 x towers of 6 or 2 x towers of 9 vertical stacked planters

    CLICK HERE to see Hydroponic Kit Inclusions

    • 18 x Mr. Stacky Pots (72 plant sites)
    • Premium electric submersible water pump (2.5m head height 2 yr warranty)
    • Electric Digital timer (short interval)
    • 140 litres premium coco/perlite growing medium (80/20 ratio)
    • Powdered hydroponic grow nutrient (2 month supply)
    • 7 meters poly irrigation tubing
    • 4 x 13mm elbow joins
    • All micro tubing & distribution fittings

    What’s Excluded (total additional cost approx. $48)

    Product Details

    • Weight: 8 kg (without soil or plants)
    • Dimensions: Each tower= 33 x 33 x 128 l/w/h (cm)
    • Medium Planters Volume:94 litres root growth capacity (5.2 litres p/pot)
    • Large Planters Volume 252 litres root growth capacity (14 litres p/pot)

  • Plants are much healthier when grown hydroponically.  You’ll notice much faster growth, larger plants, pest and disease resistance and incredible yields
  • Build your towers anywhere.   No need to bolt into walls.   Full set-up instructions included
  • With exceptional wicking, aeration & absorption qualities you simply cannot over-water your plants.  Together with the hydroponic nutrient delivered by a timer, you are creating plant root heaven.  
  • Fully automated, your plants will never suffer from your neglect again!  Simply change the nutrient water once p/week.
  • Grow anything!   Herbs, lettuce, microgreens, strawberries, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, beetroot…..anything!
  • Don’t worry about going away, the reservoir will water your plants for you.
  • Coco Coir medium is reusable, or readibly available
  • No more bending over, weeding, tilling the soil or worrying about ground level pests and diseases.

Are you ready for abundant, fresh, thriving, nutrient dense veggies from your backyard?

Pot Size

Large (45cm width), Medium (33cm width)

4 reviews for Hydroponic Tower Kit – 72 Plant Vertical Garden System

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    New Experience, Awesome Product – I got this tower garden kit for a garden project I could do with my kids. I didn’t expect it to be easy but I was delighted to find out that everything I needed really was in the box and the setup process was simple. After a trip to Lowes for the pipes and water container I was good to go. It’s a well designed kit with well made components and parts and so far it’s really been awesome. At this stage I’m looking to get a few more. I’d recommend this product to pretty much anyone

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick S.

    Pretty simple and straight forward DIY system. Really good vertical hydroponic system. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered it. The directions were clear. I went to Lowes and got the metal poles and reservoir. All I had to do after that was hammer them in, and do some light assembly work. It really isn’t too arduous for a DIY system. The pump and timers seem to be working well. I will see what grows in the coming months.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Bought as a gift for my daughter. Went for 2 towers with 9 stacks each. The package came quickly in the post. We bought the poles from Bunnings for $26. We have one tower with lettuce and rocket and the other with herbs and shallots. After 10 days every single plant is thriving bar 2 basil plants that were not happy to begin with! I’ve recommended this to several of my friends now.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Set up was easier than expected. Everything’s growing so fast. Very happy with it

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