Heavy Duty Pot Trolly

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TOP QUALITY!  Made specially to fit the Smart Farm Tower Garden, this is a seriously heavy duty plant trolley, capable of holding up to 120kg!  Laser cut from galvanized steel, it does not flex or bend so the wheels run straight even over uneven surfaces such as brick or tiles.   Comes with heavy duty double ball bearing lockable wheels which allow you to easily maneuver your free standing vertical garden on any surface and lock in place.   Fits the Smart Farm perfectly.

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This Heavy Duty Mobile Plant Dolly is Simply the Best on the Market!

Laser cut from a solid bluescope galvanized steel and the highest quality double ball bearing wheels, it is very robust, rust resistant and long lasting.  Made here in Australia, you will not be disappointed with the build quality.

Features include:

  • Double ball bearing castors, they’ll run straight on uneven surfaces like brick and tiles
  • Lockable wheels
  • Wheels made from solid rubber that will not mark your floor
  • Heavy Duty – Holds up to 120kg!
  • Made from quality galvanized steel which is rust resistant
  • 4 built in turned up side panels are unobtrusive, yet house the smart farm tower garden stable without tipping over
  • Tow point at each corner allows you to position a tow pole easily without having to bend over to operate it
  • Made to suit the Smart Farm Tower Garden reservoir
  • Money back gaurantee


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