Heavy Duty Plant Trolly


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TOP QUALITY.   These are seriously heavy duty plant trolley’s, capable of safely manouvering 120kg+ with rubber double ball bearing wheels that will not mark your floors.   Laser cut from strong galvanized steel, they do not flex or bend so the wheels run straight over uneven surfaces such as brick or tiles.  Don’t bother with cheap plastic wheel trolleys that last 2 months, buy quality, buy once!



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Heavy Duty Steel Plant Trolley's

Amazing Value

Made from durable rust resistant materials, these trolley's are built to last for years in harsh Australian conditions. When compared against cheaper options, the longevity of the product stands out for real value.

Guaranteed results

So long as the majority of the weight exists over the wheels of the trolley we gaurantee a rating up to 120kg | 30 day money back guarantee

Quality Service

Australian made and dedicated Australian support | Free phone support and assistance

These Mobile Plant Dolly’s are Simply the Best on the Market!   Don’t bother with cheap plastic wheel trolleys that don’t work.   You’ll end up paying more in the end.   These trolleys are designed to suit heavy pots up to 120kg.

Laser cut from a solid bluescope galvanized steel and the highest quality double ball bearing wheels, it is very robust, rust resistant and long lasting.  Made here in Australia, you will not be disappointed with the build quality.

Features include:

  • Double ball bearing castors, they’ll run straight on uneven surfaces like brick and tiles
  • Lockable wheels
  • Wheels made from solid rubber that will not mark your floor
  • Heavy Duty – Holds up to 120kg!
  • Made from quality galvanized steel which is rust resistant
  • 4 built in turned up side panels are unobtrusive, yet house the garden stable without tipping over
  • Tow point at each corner allows you to position a tow pole easily without having to bend over to operate it
  • Money back guarantee

Heavy Duty Trolley FAQ's

Yes, we have bespoke options to fit many different configurations and requirements.   For example, the strongest trolley made was an 18 wheeler rated to 800kg!   

Contact us to request your custom trolley 

They are designed to live outdoors for years without degrading, however if you live close to the beach, the salt can increase eroding and rusting.   If rust occurs, it usually affects the bolts which connect the wheels to the trolley.   These can be replaced if desired, as the steel trolley itself if very robust and unlikey to degrade at all for many many years.   

It’s important that the weight of the pot is structured over top of each of the wheels.   If you have a curved pot that sits in the middle of the trolley, this could cause the trolley to sag or bend in the middle.   Please ensure you measure the base of your planter first and allow for the curvature.   

The trolley’s come standard in 5 sizes:

Trolley Size

31cm, 36cm, 47cm, 61cm, 64cm


Trolley + Drip Tray + Pole, Trolley Only

5 reviews for Heavy Duty Plant Trolly

    John Houston
    October 18, 2020
    Really well built products and great service. This was the best solution for my pots.
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    September 1, 2020
    I bought one just try out the product and I am thrilled with the trolley. I will be buying more for sure. I have also told my gardening friends about you I am only too happy to share my satisfaction with them. Also delivery was quick and on time.
    0 0
    Katy Kircher
    July 16, 2020
    These trolleys are amazing!! I have used them with my hydroponic stacks. They are very solid, and easy to move around, even with the plants and reservoir in place.
    As the other reviewer noted, these are way better than anything I have seen elsewhere. They are expensive but built to last forever.
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    Richard Wickham
    July 10, 2020
    Very sturdy , easy to move with large pots onboard , very pleased with them.
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    January 17, 2020
    I am delighted with my trolleys. Originally I purchased inferior product from a large green and red warehouse which promptly broke and were returned . Mr Stacky's plant trolleys are brilliant - sturdy and well made . Exactly what I have been searching for!!! Quick delivery and thoughtful packaging to boot. Happy Customer~~I'll be back!!
    2 0
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