Solar Hydroponic Water Pump


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Made for hydroponic gardens that need consistent watering with zero power or running costs.   The DC brushless motor ensures the latest powerful technology.   With a 3.4 meter head height, this pump is desiged to have extra power so it can operate even in lower light conditions.   The premium solar panel is HUGE!   65cm x 45cm.  Strong 18V with 1700 L p/hour flow rate.  5 meter cable so you can maximise sun exposure.


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A Solar Water Pump Made for Hydroponic Systems

Quality Design

Huge premium polycrystalline solar panel 65cm x 45cm! Designed with extra power for piece of mind in lower light | Massive 3.4m head hight | Strong 1700 litre p/hour flow rate | 5 meter cord length | Brushless DC motor

Quality REsults

Built specifically for hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic systems | Rigorously tested in various light conditions | Will reliably pump to 2m high even in low light | Excess power ensures piece of mind for your plants

Quality Service

Dedicated Australian support | 6 month parts and functional warranty | Free phone support, guidance and assistance | Hydroponic configuration set-up advice

Solar Water Pump FAQ's

For the solar option, no timer is needed.  The system will simply turn on when it’s sunny.  For coco coir this is not a problem.   For perlite and hydroton mediums, it’s best to go electric    

The pump comes with a 5 meter cord so you can maximize sun exposure to the panel.    The pump is strong enough to push water consistently above 2 meters.   

The head height (max height is actually 3.4m)  That’s alot of excess power. 

In hydroponic pumps, you always want more power.  This allows you to add flow restrictors (eg. adjustable drippers) for variable watering. 

During rainy periods, the rain will keep the garden wet for you.   The garde loves the rain.   Remember if it’s in full sun, you can’t over water it.     

If your system is under-cover and won’t get rained on, you may be better off to go with electric.   

*Battery back-ups are being tested now, but won’t be ready until late 2020.

  • No electricity needed 
  • Automated 
  • Put it anywhere
  • Off grid sustainable growing 

Yes, we gaurantee the product for 6 months against any manufacturing faults.    We have dedicated Australian support.  

Simply plug the solar panel into the solar pump via an adater with 5 meter chord.    When full sun hits the panel, it activates the pump inside the reservoir.   This works reliably and effectively.  

Solar Water Pump Specifications

Solar Panel

  • Construction: Polycrystalline
  • Peak Power: 35w
  • Voltage: 18v
  • Installation Method: Plastic spike
  • Dimensions (L x H) : 45cm x 65cm

Solar Pump

  • Solar DC Brushless Pump
  • Max Head Height: 3.4m
  • Max Flow Rate: 1700 L/p hour
  • Cable Length: 5 meters


  • The brushless DC motor provides a high power to weight ratio and low maintenance compared with brushed motors.  This provides heaps of power from a small pump
  • The premium polycrystalline panel provides strong power and long life
  • With a strong 3.4m max lift, there is plenty of extra power to ensure the pump works in lower light conditions 
  • Energy efficient, directly functions from solar energy
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong 18V with 1700 L p/hour flow rate!
  • Designed specifically for hydroponic systems
  • 5 meter cable so you can position the panel in the best location for sun exposure
  • Zero running costs
  • Optional back-up battery currently in testing.   Not yet available for sale


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