30 Tower Hydroponic Farm


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Mr. Stacky is a revolution in hydroponic vertical farming.   Low production cost & high yield p/square meter.   Our tower farms are modular & scalable.   We offer free phone & community support Australia wide with on-site implementation & consultation as needed.

We can get you growing quickly within 1-2 weeks from purchase with fast delivery across Australia.


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Pot Size

Large (45cm width), Medium (33cm width)

Farm Kit Inclusions

Advanced (commercial fittings), Planters Only, Simple (residential fittings)

1 review for 30 Tower Hydroponic Farm

    Chickens love Mr Stacky
    30 Tower Hydroponic Farm photo review
    Steven Mitchell
    July 11, 2020
    We used to grow our vegies in the dirt. The Stacky system has increased our yield five fold and greatly diminished the pests and weeds we are seeing. We have had success growing a wide variety of vegies. The system is efficient and so easy to set up and maintain compared to traditional raised beds. We have converted our old raised beds to only larger plants and this has increased our yield of cabbages, Broccoli, corn, potatoes etc as well. We put 20 towers in our Greenhouse and 13 outside. In Stacky we have found lettuce, Bok Choy, Kale, Spinach etc to work particularly well. One of the best investments we have made.
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