Stacking Herb Garden – 3 Tier Mr Stacky


The simple to use 3 tier vertical garden planter has 12 individual plant sites and 2 size options enabling you to easily grow anything from herbs, lettuce and greens to large fruiting vegetables in either standard soil or hydroponic set-up.  Simply add water to the top pot and Mr Stacky will do the rest!

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Genuine Mr. Stacky with patented 4 clover, water flow through system & hydroponic convertibility

The 12 Plant Stacky makes a perfect vertical herb garden and and attractive balcony piece designed to keep 12 thriving plants in one location making it easy to maintain.   Simply water the top pot and the below tiers will be watered automatically and drain into the bottom drip tray which is also included.

  • The perfect herb garden
  • Grow 12 plants & herbs in a small 33cm x 50cm space!!!
  • Simple to use, just plant your herbs in each container and stack the containers
  • Medium size pots have a total 15 litres root capacity, perfect for growing all types of herbs, strawberries, flowers & succulents
  • Large size pots have a total 42 litres root capacity, more than adequate to grow large fruiting plants such as tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant etc
  • Easily add more pots if desired
  • Easily convert to hydroponic with a hydroponic kit if desired
  • No more digging, weeding or bending over in the garden to be a herb lover

Herbs have got to be the most rewarding crops to grow in containers.   Firstly, herbs are really easy to grow!   Of course theres heaps of tips and tricks to keep your herb garden lovely and lush.  Simply put, potted herbs need to even moisture.   It’s so important to ensure that you water your herbs regularly, but not too much.   Luckily Mr Stacky vertical gardens are designed in such a way that the water is evenly distributed and no pooling exists which would lead your herbs to root rot.   When growing herbs in containers it’s also recommended to use a good liquid seaweed (or worm tea).   Better yet, grow them hydroponically.  With Mr. Stacky you can choose either option!

Just imagine having all of the following herbs neatly organised growing in any small area on your balcony or backyard.   Herbs such as Chives, basil, parsley, coriander, sage, thyme, rosemary, lemon thyme, mint etc etc!


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