Customer Showcase # 47

Owner Name:  Sha
Location: Penrith, NSW
Product: 3 Tower Smart Farm Tower Garden
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method:  Hydroponic (recirculating)
Sunlight: 5+ hours daily (full sun)
Crops Growing: Beans, zucchini, lettuce, herbs


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About: I recommend Mr Stacky Smart Farms to those wanting to lead more sustainable lives. For new growers who find the idea of keeping plants alive daunting, let alone their ability to grow their dinner, Mr Stacky Smart Farm soil-less hydroponic gardening makes the process simple and enjoyable. 

Coconut coir is a fantastic growing medium that naturally keeps many pests away and gives roots access to oxygen which improves germination and encourages healthy produce. Hydrate the coir in plain water and watch it expand nine times its size. Sprinkle seeds of your choice directly into clovers filled with hydrated coir at the recommended depth on the packet. Alternatively, grow them first in seed punnets (like coir pellets) and transplant into the clovers once they become seedlings. Top the reservoir up with water when low and add nutrients every 2-3 weeks and, that’s it. Really. You’ll get to enjoy watching your plants grow almost right in front of your eyes.

Things to bear in mind:
Set up of the irrigation system can feel complicated if you’re not a handy person. It won’t apply to everyone, but I had to get help.
The height of the supplied PVC pipes means that if you’re taller than 1.5m you’ll be bobbing your head up and down as you walk over the joining pipes and under the overhead irrigation tube in between a 3 x Smart Farm for harvesting (or admiring your produce). Purchasing longer PVC pipes will extend the height and make it easier to get around. These are available at your local Bunnings or other hardware stores.

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