Customer Showcase # 12

Owner Name:  Natalie
Location: Malvern East, VIC
Product:  Solar Smart Farm Tower Garden 
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic (Recirculating)
Sunlight: 5+ hours daily (full sun)
Crops Growing: Carrot, tomato, herbs


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About: I have been interested in learning to grow my own food for a couple of years now, we bought the tower garden only 8 weeks ago and are already seeing the benefits. We love our Mr Stacky and go out everyday to see how much it has grown! We plan to expand our garden with more towers and we have a large pond so are very interested in aquaponics too. I have used the leftover coco coir to grow seedlings and use the leftover Mr Stacky water on my fruit trees, we have seen a huge difference. We love how easy it is to maintain and the solar watering cycle gives us peace of mind. We’re looking at getting more towers as our garden grows. 

Thank you for sparking up a new interest for my partner and I. We can’t wait to have our own green house and before Mr Stacky that wasn’t even a thought. More people should grow their own produce and if all goes well we could make produce for others.

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