Customer Showcase # 223

Owner Name: S Cameron 
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Product: Smart Farm Tower Garden
Date Established: 2022
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: 4-5 hours daily
Crops Growing: Herbs & Veggies



About: I love my hydroponic towers – I have two. I have a higher EC in one and a lower EC in the other for different herbs and veggies. I started with soil and given its success I moved on to hydroponics and haven’t looked back. They are easy to manage on apartment balconies as long as you have a bucket to siphon off at water changeover time. I have had great success with zucchini’s and others that often get problems with mould as I plant them towards the front of the pot so no overhead watering. They are especially valuable now that the cost of food and veggies has risen! 

Great for any miniature form of herb, flower or vegetables when space is limited.
As long as you keep an eye on the reservoir and keep it topped up, your plants won’t die in the Brisbane summer heat – my others in normal pots did!

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