Customer Showcase # 1

Owner Name:  Roger & Faye
Location: Philip Island, VIC
Product: 100 Tower Commercial Farm
Date Established: Feb 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic
Sunlight: Full Sun
Crops Growing: Strawberries



About: We’ve always had our own veggie patch and love gardening.   This is our first venture into hydroponic farming on a larger scale.  Our aim is to trial a Strawberry U-Pick farm for locals and tourists and scale up if successful as our climate is perfect for growing strawberries.  We also aim to on-sell Mr Stacky systems as a side business.   We planted over 4000 strawberry runners and so far everything is growing well.   

As we get alot of wind on the island, we’ve used wind netting around the garden.   This also creates a physical barrier for wildlife and a gating structure for customers.   We’ve also constructed meshing above the towers to stop birds as well.  In addition to strawberries we’ve succesfully grown various crop types including snowpeas, beetroot, brocoli, radish, cabbage etc.   We’re targeting an open date prior to Christmas (depending on the COVID19 restrictions)…   

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