Customer Showcase # 38

Owner Name:  Rebecca
Location: Pottsville, NSW
Product: 5 Tier Stacking Garden with Trolley
Date Established: 2017
Growing Method:  Soil
Sunlight: 2-3 hours daily
Crops Growing: Lettuce, herbs, strawberries, 


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About: Hi. We started converting our back lawn into a productive veggie patch about 3 years ago and our veggie garden is still evolving and expanding. I love the growing flexibility the Mr Stacky system gives me. I usually change my Mr Stacky seasonally depending on what requires less sunlight as I can wheel my Stacky in and out of the shade as required. My veggie patch is Full sun all day so I needed something to grow shade loving crops during warmer months like Lettuce etc. I have grown strawberries successfully in my ‘soil filled’ Mr Stacky with close attention to watering and fertilizing. I would love the Smart Farm system to grow strawberries year round without worrying about them drying out and needing full sun to produce fruit. I have 2 systems for perfect succession planting and flexibility. I recently let my sister borrow one Stacky to try growing veggies on her unit balcony and so far she is loving it. I would recommend any one using the system with soil to mulch around the plants to help retain moisture, I use sugar cane mulch. Coir blocks are also great when rehydrated and mixed with potting mix before planting will also help retain moisture. The last pic I attached is my garden on a beautiful afternoon. Love my Stacky’s!!! Bec 😀

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