Customer Showcase # 134

Owner Name:  Peter
Location: Mitchelton, QLD
Product: DIY Hydroponic Gardens
Date Established: 2019
Growing Method:  Hydroponic (recirculating)
Sunlight: 5+ hours daily (full sun)
Crops Growing: Beans, zucchini, lettuce, herbs


About: Combining Hydroponics’ with my existing wicking garden is working a treat. I put this together at the start of winter and can’t wait to see the results with spring around the corner. The entire tank drains into a sump a Mr.Stacky’s solar panel & pump installed to water the entire garden. This is only stage one with my plans to have four Mr.Stacky towers along the garden so I can utilise both the stack and garden bed for growing. The whole system is self-sustaining with me only having to top up the sump and add Hydroponic Power Nutrients fortnightly. Love it.

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