Customer Showcase # 11

Owner Name:  Nicole
Location: Botanic Ridge, VIC
Product:  DIY Hydroponic Towers
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic (Fertilizer Injector method)
Sunlight: 4-5 hours p/day




About: I have wanted the addition of a vegetable garden to our yard since our early landscaping began about 7 years ago. In a residential backyard we already have numerous fruit trees and with young children we did not find we had the space for large plots to grow our own vegetables. I recently came across Mr Stacky and was convinced it was our perfect solution. We purchased a customised DIY tower kit. Install went really well and Mr Stacky has been more than helpful in responding to the few questions we did have. I have popped the first seedlings into the towers and will be adding seeds over the coming weeks. I look forward to harvesting our first crops over the coming months. 

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