Customer Showcase # 100

Owner Name: Jim 
Location: Ashgrove, QLD
Product: 5 tier vertical garden
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: 4 -5 hours daily
Crops Growing: Lettuce, herbs, flowers


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About: Well….Probably not the glamour shot of all types of magnificent herbs cascading down Mr Stacky’s sides like some sort of emerald green living fountain. But let’s face it, with Mr Stacky, that’s pretty much a given. Instead I’d like you to meet Mr Frog. Mr Frog decided to move in with Mr Stacky a couple of months ago. At first I moved him to another part of the garden (worried about effects of nutrient), but he just kept coming back, so it looks like he’s here to stay! No more bugs either. I keep it simple, coir, perlite, whatever potting mix the seedlings come in, and the occasional dose of nutrients. Pump for 15 minutes, 4 times a day. Coriander, sweet basil, mint, thyme, oregano, parsley, chives and a lovely, but eye watering Trinidad Scorpion chilli. I really do love my Mr Stacky!!!

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