Customer Showcase # 78

Owner Name: Jacob
Location: Booie, QLD
Product: Smart Farm
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method:  Hydroponic solar (recirculating)
Sunlight: 5 + hours daily
Crops Growing: Various


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About: The reason I went too hydroponics was due to the amount of water needed to run compared too a conventional garden. Water in South East Queensland is at a premium.

I choose this system because of the design and simplicity of using the system and it gives you the capability of adding too it.

I have only been using the system for a year now and have some good results with it. I have had problems with the system flooding due the roots blocking up the drain holes. Too over come this I have placed a small amount of clay pebbles in the bottom and covered it up with the coco and perlite mix.

My resoiuvour is linked together and I have had problems in the past with perlite blocking the outlet pipes. To over come this I have covered the pipe with the pipe with fine mesh, which has worked. The valves at the bottom of each resoiuvour gives me the flexibility of cleaning each system individually as I can isolate them.

My plan now is to use the fertiliser injection system and convert my system I have now to the vertical garden kit into the old vege garden. The idea is that I still have the benefit of hydroponics and a soul vege patch. The excess nutrients gets absorbed into the soil and the plants use that and I have better control of how much water is used versus running a sprinkler for 15 mins a day.

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