Customer Showcase # 121

Owner Name: John
Location: Mawson, ACT
Product: DIY Hydroponic Towers
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method: Hydropnic 
Sunlight: 5 + hours daily
Crops Growing: Lettuce, herbs, flowers



About: We have been avid gardeners for decades in various climates. Since purchasing the Mr Stacky Hydroponic Towers it has made the gardening experience easy and enjoyable. The speed in which herbs, vegetables and flowers grow is amazing. The quality of vegetables and herbs is by far more tasty than shop purchased. Each week the nutrients are refilled using a simple bucket method and the set and forget timer means the plants receive their regular requirements for optimum growth. The Mr Stacky product has challenged us to grow and eat vegetables that we normally wouldn’t have purchased. We have recommended Mr Stacky products to friends and would highly recommend the product to anyone with a desire to grown their own fruit, herbs or vegetables.



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