Customer Showcase # 193

Owner Name: Arjava 
Location: Mooroolbark, VIC
Product: Smart Farm Hydoponic Tower Garden
Date Established: 2022
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: 2-3 hours daily 
Crops Growing: Peas, amaranth, cress, endive, mesclun & basil 



About: I love micro greens and my Mr Stacky is full of them, they grow perfectly in it even all throughout Winter. I have pea shoots, amaranth shoots, cress, endive, mesclun salad and basil prolifically developing.

I love nothing better than to go outside each morning and pick them them straight from the Stacky pods into my mouth for my first meal of the day…yep micro greens for breakfast! Can’t wait to launch into growing vegetables now. Very happy with my purchase and there have been no bugs whatsoever. 2nd photo shows a haul from one harvest, that will last me a couple of weeks and I barely touched what was growing. 

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