Customer Showcase # 180

Owner Name: Andrew & Mandy
Location: Mount Nathan, Gold Coast QLD
Product: 100 Tower Commercial Farming Package
Date Established: 2021
Growing Method: Hydroponic 
Sunlight: Full sun (6-8 hours daily)
Crops Growing: 80 towers strawberries / 20 towers mix veg


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About: “We were picking strawberries after 6 weeks!”  We would like to use our small urban commercial farm to inspire and educate others to grow their own food for themselves and their community. We will set up native bees, chickens, seed planting and an outdoor kitchen to pick the food and create a meal. 

Some project ideas we had: purchase a freeze dryer so there is no food wastage, distribution models to sell the food, community project focussing on food security solutions for the Gold Coast, sponsoring Mr Stacky vertical farms to be set up in other suburbs, building a community of volunteers, study herbalism, grow the plants and create tinctures to be used as natural medicines and teach others, cooking classes to make jams, preserves, recipes from the food we grow, healthy eating and gardening school programs.

Update 2022:   After success inititally we decided to switch from the organic nutrient to the hydroponic nutrient as we had a very wet season and found the nutrient was being washed away faster than the plants could absorb it.   Since we’ve switched to the hydroponic nutrient, the plants have made a massive improvement and we’re looking forward to the next picking season!   

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