Customer Showcase # 38

Owner Name:  Rebecca
Location: Pottsville, NSW
Product: 5 Tier Stacking Garden with Trolley
Date Established: 2017
Growing Method:  Soil
Sunlight: 2-3 hours daily
Crops Growing: Lettuce, herbs, strawberries, 


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About: Hi. We started converting our back lawn into a productive veggie patch about 3 years ago and our veggie garden is still evolving and expanding.I love the growing flexibility the Mr Stacky system gives me. I usually change my Mr Stacky seasonally depending on what requires less sunlight as I can wheel my Stacky in and out of the shade as required. My veggie patch is Full sun all day so I needed something to grow shade loving crops during warmer months like Lettuce etc. I have grown strawberries successfully in my ‘soil filled’ Mr Stacky with close attention to watering and fertilizing.I would love the Smart Farm system to grow strawberries year round without worrying about them drying out and needing full sun to produce fruit.I have 2 systems for perfect succession planting and flexibility. I recently let my sister borrow one Stacky to try growing veggies on her unit balcony and so far she is loving it. I would recommend any one using the system with soil to mulch around the plants to help retain moisture, I use sugar cane mulch. Coir blocks are also great when rehydrated and mixed with potting mix before planting will also help retain moisture. The last pic I attached is my garden on a beautiful afternoon. Love my Stacky’s!!! Bec 😀

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