Customer Showcase # 44

Owner Name:  Martin
Location: Bairnsdale, VIC
Product: 5 Tier Vertical Garden
Date Established: 2020
Growing Method:  Soil
Sunlight: 4-5 hours daily
Crops Growing: Strawberries


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About: We live in a rental unit with no garden. I Like Strawberries! Not the tasteless carrot textured excuses we are sold by supermarkets. Real, sweet, flavoursome glorious summer berries. So when I saw your Mr Stacky I saw a future with my own home grown Strawberries. If only I could get hold of the best varieties! Update: When I saw Mr Stacky I had to have one. mostly to grow strawberries. I soon found I had to have Mr Stacky (Vera) mobile to keep it in the sun. Then I found I had to create a barrier to dissuade the slugs and snails. The whole lot is now mobile, stable and slimey creature safe, Thank You Mr Stacky.

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